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With a powerful built in 10W amplifier & speaker, and IP65 case you can use the VOX400 in a lot of different applications. It can be triggered by using hard-wired alarm inputs, via RS485 or RJ45 Ethernet from other electronic equipment such as a computer or a DVR / NVR.


The VOX400 is a new and innovative product. It can be used to playback a wide variety of sound files ranging from messages welcoming guests or even warning off intruders.


It can even have informative messages such as telling visitors to a building site to “please wear a hard hat at all times” - complying with health and safety is a big thing these days and the VoiceOFF makes it even easier to comply! (Note - useful pre-recorded messages are available to download at the VoiceOFF website for a small fee). Alternatively store and play music using the VoiceOFF as a digital media player for indoor or outdoor use.


All the sound files are stored in the VoiceOFF on a removable Micro SD card, so it’s easy to do quality recordings away from site in a suitable recording location.


The VOX400 also has a new LAN Trigger feature which means MP3 files can be triggered on a local network, via a additional software, see Additional modules available at extra cost.