Live View Menu - SubStream and Trigger

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Live View Menu - SubStream and Trigger


The live view has some basic control options for adjusting the stream type and camera relay control.


Right-click the live view image to show the menu options.


Live View - Select to disable the live view image, this will disable the video streaming of the listener. The software will still receive the data from the camera and perform any selected actions or triggers.


SubStream - Select to the lower resolution stream from the camera.


Trigger > Camera Relay - Select to trigger the camera's relay manually (eg: to open a gate or barrier) achieves this via an internal alarm mechanism, a side effect of this is that users of the RoboPlate FTP server will receive a snapshot image as a result of that 'alarm'.



To enable "manual" triggering of an alarm, in this case the camera is configured as follows (In the cameras browser via Configuration > Alarm > I/O Alarm) ..


-- I/O Alarm --

Trigger level = High

Output Level = High


-- Schedule --

Trigger interval time = 2 seconds



-- Action --

Alarm Output = Enabled


When setup as above, B/W/Grey list can trigger output, as can human operator manually.