Introduction to the VOX111

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Introduction to the VOX111

The VoiceOFF® "VOX111" is a great way to automatically play pre-recorded messages to visitors at your business.


It features a built-in PIR that plays a pre-recorded message stored in it, when movement is detected, through a small built-in speaker. You can change the message stored in the VOX111 with your own personal one to tailor the message to your particular requirements.


The automatic playing of messages is a great reminder to visitors of your policies helping them and your staff to stay safe during the Covid outbreak. It’s non-confrontational and never forgets to do its job!


With the ability to change the built in MP3 message, it’s really easy to then use the VOX111 to play other general messages as times change, so you could use it to welcome guests and take a seat or suggest items you have on special offer.


The VOX111 can also be triggered to play a different MP3 message by triggering its alarm input. This allows you to link it to others devices such as automatic doors, alarm panels, fire alarms etc. Inside the VOX111 it has the ability to store the two MP3 messages, one is played back from being triggered by the PIR, the second being trigged by something external connected to its alarm input.


The VOX111 is an in-ceiling mount design so that it can sit in a ceiling tile or similar for a clean and easy installation. It is 12V powered and requires a suitable PSU such as a POW151. Alternatively you could run a 12V power supply from another 12V system within the premises for a neat installation.


To change the MP3 sound files stored on the VOX111 you simply connect it to a suitable computer or laptop and it will see it as a USB drive. Replace the MP3 files with your own using the correct naming protocol as listed in these instructions.




VoiceOff VOX111 - Movement Activated MP3 Message Player


VOX111 - Movement Activated MP3 Message Player