Limitations & Software Protection

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Limitations & Software Protection

The following limitations apply and are not supported, not allowed or have not been tested, nor will be tested :


Windows Vista, XP or earlier

Windows Server editions (2008, 2012 etc)

Virtual environments such as VMWare,

Virtual PC, Virtual Box and others

Multiple instances of any individual executable

Execution in the presence of a debugger/disassembler

Changing the executable file name




The RoboPlate RegWatch Widget software is Enigma protected.


Enigma is a commercial product providing copy protection, registration and activation features, for more information, see


Some antivirus packages generate warnings because of Enigma’s presence so customers are advised to satisfy themselves that our code-signed modules are intact and have not been modified, then exclude them from further antivirus analysis.


To check the validity of a code-signed executable via Windows File Explorer, locate, then right click on the file, select : Properties > Digital Signatures > Details.