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The RoboPlate - ANPR Command software is designed as an add on to the RoboPlate ANPR Cameras. Two models of ANPR cameras are available:


ROBOPCZ22 - A compact Eyeball design for mounting lower down on gate posts or entrance walls .


ROBOPMZ50 - A traditional bullet design with an industry leading 5-50mm power zoom lens.


The software makes it easy for the user to have more than the 3 black and white lists and create as many as they want to trigger various actions. You could for example have a VIP list, Customer list, Staff list, Courier list etc.


See for the most up to date device compatibility information.


Key features include ..


Number plates captured as plain text

Local image storage

User definable vehicle database

User definable actions


What happens when a number plate is accepted is determined by roboPlate’s Actions


An Action may perform any, or all, of the following tasks :


Popup warnings with audio

Trigger network connected VoiceOFF™ units

Trigger network connected relay(s)