Camera Listener Setup: Option 2 - In Camera

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Camera Listener Setup: Option 2 - In Camera


The Event server can be setup direct in the camera.


Login to the camera's web interface using a browser in order to configure its Event Server.


1. Type - This must be set to HTTP


2. Server Address - This needs to be your PC's IPV4 address


3. Port - This should be the port number your PC is listening on e.g. 5001, 5002...


Alias, User name, Password & Post URL - Should be specified in an Internet connected camera connecting to an off-site listener.


Username and password fields (providing authentication from the camera) is supported in software v. or above, this requires camera firmware v4.04.83 or above.




Firewall Settings - Please ensure your firewall allows inbound connections to this PC on the port you have specified.