ANPR Camera Setup

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ANPR Camera Setup


Enter the camera details into the software in order to receive results transmitted from the camera.


1. Go to Configure then select a camera. (The software can receive from up to 4 cameras)



2. Camera Login - Camera details are required for viewing purposes. This software uses the HikVision port for login purposes.


Enter the camera details, then select Save.

IP Address

Port (Normally 8000)






3. Camera Listener - Alarm Event Server - Setup is required for the camera to send the ANPR data to the software.


Option 1 - Setup up this software, see


Option 2 - Setup via camera web interface, see In Camera Setup



4. Firewall - Ensure the firewall has an exception in order for the camera to connect to the PC. See Firewall Exception


The event server receives results and image information via HTTP over the network.