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The all new NiteDevil® 24C can stay in full colour around the clock using the minimal amount of natural light to produce superb full colour images. It really is a game changer in performance and should be used as a part of any CCTV system requiring full colour images in key areas around entrances etc.


With built in dual IR and white light you can choose how the camera best works in your install. Using white light to give visual warning or using IR illumination to get a more discreet set up.


A built in microphone means you can see and hear what's happening, recording the audio & video on your NVR for the best possible CCTV evidence.


Dual PoE and 12V means you can power and connect the camera to POE NVRs in seconds using one simple CAT5/6 cable for video, power and audio. If your system doesn't support PoE use the 12V input or a PoE injector such as our POE200.